By now you might already know that every flower, plant and herb has its own meaning and hidden messages. Usually it’s the flowers that are used to communicate feelings. And this traditional has been going on since the ancient times. Even before the Industrialization age.

Those were the days that played a huge part in where we are now as a society. A society that uses emojis and flowers to communicate feelings and sentiments. A society that is open enough so that men and women alike can gift flowers to each other without having to deal with any societal conundrums.

We see flowers being used all over the world. But especially in the pop culture. They are filled with hidden meanings of flowers and symbols that they represent.

So in this post, I will uncover the meaning of 3 flowers that you might not know before.

Let’s just jump into it shall we?


  1. Sunflowers

Sunflowers represent adoration and false riches. But the issue with this flower is that its meaning can be easily misunderstood if the person you are sending this flower to, does not already understand your feeling before receiving it.

That is the reason why you don’t see many people gifting these flowers.

But if you already know the person very well, sending a bouquet of sunflowers can be the best flower that you can send.


  1. Coreopsis

I know the name of this flower doesn’t easily slip off the tongue, but Coreopsis represents love at first sight.

But now you might be asking, “Doreen, in what situation will I be able to gift a Coreopsis to someone?”

Good question.

Let’s say that you’re just strolling through the streets and you find a beautiful girl walking by. You fall in love with her beauty.

What do you do next? Do you approach her out of the blue?

Bad idea. Maybe she’s having a bad day, or maybe she needs to be somewhere and you’re in the way. Maybe her friends are waiting for her at Starbucks. Who knows.

The best thing to do in this situation is to gift her this flower and wish her a good day. And then if she wants to, she can share her contact details with you and then you guys can meet up later. If not, you just made her day. It’s a win-win situation.


  1. Carnation

A single pink carnation is the symbol of pure love. You can gift this to your wife or girlfriend during your anniversary or whenever you feel like it. There is no perfect time to show your love. You can do it whenever you want.

A white carnation on the other hand is a symbol of remembered love. These carnations are usually worn on Mother’s Day.