Designing Your Child’s Room with Your Child

Getting things ready for a baby is a walk in the park, but getting a makeover for your teenager is a challenging task. It may seem simple, but there are a few hurdles you have to cross. One massive one is getting the middle ground between fantasy and reality since your teen might want something straight from a Hollywood movie while it is materialistically impossible. Here is a guide that will help you do it the best way and involve them better yet.

Here is what you do:

Ask for what they envision

The first step you get to is to talk to your child and ask them what they want. Here you can ask them to create a mood board with what they would like, and after they are done, you take a look at it together. When it comes to this part, you will have to be real, firm, and willing to compromise since some ideas will be unique while some will be extreme. Keep an open mind and reach a consensus on what stays and what goes. Always remember to create a budget as you go.

Have a walkthrough

Everything you set to install and keep on the plan, have a walkthrough in the space and put everything in perspective. To make this experience more productive, have an interior designer accompany you so that they can explain everything in detail as you do the walk-through.

designer cushions

Do shopping together

The next step is to go shopping together. Anything that is to be installed in their room, ensure you do the buying with your teenager so that they have the last say if they like what they want. This experience will broaden their thinking and even make them better judges of what goes into redecorating. It also helps them develop a sense of spending and selecting. It molds them to become better at designing.

Involve then in the small hands-on projects

Instead of then taking a back seat at the whole experience, involve your teenager in the small projects like painting, or placing the wallpaper. This heightens their responsibility, and they will be more grateful they took part in creating their new space. Even after everything has been done, do the cleaning together, and have them place the designer cushions where they would love to see them. This hands-on approach is beneficial for both parties.

Give them the responsibility to take care of the final setting

After everything has been completed, and the room has had its facelift, the last thing is to give your child the responsibility to keep it in that condition. That means that cleaning and essential maintenance is their job.

Take away

Teenagers can be the hardest human beings to understand, but if you involve them in redecorating projects, you are creating an unbreakable bond between you and them. It shows that you are open to let them decide for themselves and allow them to bring their thoughts to life. It is a great experience that every parent to a teenager should try.