5 lawn mowing tips to make your yard beautiful

When it comes to lawn care, we try to do our best to keep it looking as beautiful as possible by watering, fertilizing, and mowing. However, there are also times when we want to improve our methods to maintain it a lot better. Luckily for you we have five mowing tips that will help you keep your yard looking beautiful.

1. Maintain Sharpness of Your Mower’s Cutting Blades

Making sure that your mower blades are sharp is the first thing that you need to ensure. Zero turn mower is a perfect option. The reason why is because your grass will become uneven if your blade is dull.  Your grass tips will also become shredded. Then, the tips will become brown, making your lawn look dead. Plus, the grass will also be prone to disease.

When your blade is sharp, there is less damage to the grass and it appears more even. Make sure to check your blade every season and change it out as needed.

2. Try to Avoid Lawn Scalping

The height of your grass is determined by many factors such as species type, climate, and the season. Besides these, there are also some points that you need to be aware of.

The first thing to remember as you mow is to try avoiding lawn scalping. When scalping occurs, the grass is strained and the roots become stressed and the grass becomes sparse. When your grass is maintained at a taller height, the soil is shaded and moisture is then retained, which helps the soil remain cool while the grass remains healthy. In order to avoid forgetting, your mower blades should be raised at the beginning of summer so that the grass is able to endure the summer weather.

The second thing to keep in mind while mowing is that scalping makes your lawn prone to weeds and various diseases due to it being thin and having the soil exposed, which is the main cause for weed infestation and growth.

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3. Mow Dry Grass

Mowing dry grass is preferred. The reason why is because when a lawn is mowed while wet, the results don’t come out the best. Plus, the wet clippings cause too many problems for the mower. Wet grass also causes the grass to slump, which makes the lawn appear unlevel. You also need to remove any wet clumps of grass as these can cause grass to die and create dead spots in the lawn.

If you mow and the soil is saturated, then your mower will tear the lawn as the wheels pass through. If you are forced to mow while your lawn is saturated, then you should make sure your mower’s blade area is oiled so that sticking can be avoided. Plus, double check the sharpness of the blade so that grass won’t get torn out.

4. Change up the Pattern

Every time that you mow your lawn, make sure that the pattern is different. If you don’t, then the lawn’s soil will become dense and cause grooves to develop. Plus, when grass is cut, its growth occurs in the same way as the cut. When you change the direction, your lawn will have a straighter growth and a beautiful appearance.

5. Make Height Adjustments

Making height adjustments is important to do every time you mow and throughout the year. This is important because the height should match the season. For example, you should have your mower at a higher setting during the summer months to permit longer growth. This way the grass is able to retain moisture and prevent the sun from drying out the soil. During the winter months, keep your mower at a low height so as to fend off grass mold.